By looking at how social movements work we can better understand how to engage our ever-growing community in our brands, causes, and initiatives. That’s what this blog sets out to do and I invite you to join in on the conversation.


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  1. Is Social Movement Marketing an evolution of what we might call “social marketing” that has a following of health and wellness communicator types that think of it as a profession unto itself? These would be the types who are involved in programs such as the Truth anti-tobacco campaign, and similar. I ask because the classic social marketers seem to be generally dismayed that their segment gets thrown in with the currently popular social networking or social media. Social Marketing is defined in Wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_marketing so I wonder where social movement marketing is in this spectrum or its own. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Social movement marketing is my way of thinking about social marketing. I think that by exploring how social movements work we can learn how to create mass attention to important social issues and organizations. Brands have used these principles (unbeknownst to themselves) to create massive followings for their products so I think it’s important that causes keep up. Naturally, social media will play a large role in this given it’s function, but I refer to marketing more broadly. It’s more about how to position your cause or organization, or how to brand it, in order create a movement. Social networking is just a component of that. Thanks!

  2. Where I think your social movement marketing is an evolution to social marketing is a new perspective on audience as a leading element, that wasn’t in traditional social marketing that was much more top down in terms of professionals identifying the issue or crisis and prescribing the solution. It would seem that social movement marketing provides the opportunity for the audience to take the lead. Interesting stuff here. Hope you continue to explore. Thanks.

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